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Located conveniently close to the airport lies the Pullman in the heart of Mascot.
Although you would probably consider this hotel to be a pit stop for frequent travellers who are likely to stay only overnight on business, but the Pullman holds a secret gem worth visiting for any visitor or local Sydneysider. Their lobby restaurant is fantastic.

The moody but modern Mobius Bar and Grill holds an exquisite menu with top tiered service, plating and execution.

A group of food lovers, armed with our cameras sat around a tall table greeted by Executive Chef, Daniel.
With a glass of sparkling we were ready to see what amazing dishes would come out of the kitchen.

Chaucuterie Board

Always a good starter and of course in this instance didn’t disappoint either. Presented beautifully, a classic choice for an entree with a great selection of cured meats, cheeses and dips.

Kingfish Poke 

To start us off, we had the Kingfish Poke which is very much on trend with the rest of Sydney’s current poke craze. The Poke was served with a soy and wasabi dressing, puffed noodles, black rice and avocado. The elements altogether were a textural delight with bites of creaminess followed by pops from the crunchy noodles. The kingfish was fresh and took on the flavours from the dressing very well. A perfect dish for these warmer months.

King Mushroom Scallops 

The next entree was a play to the senses. What looks, feels and smells like a big juicy plate of scallops was in fact a vegan dish.
Scallops of King Oyster Mushroom were plated delicately and proudly on the dish. As we took a bite, they had the same springy consistency of a fresh scallop as well as the buttery and crisp exterior. A flawless dish that tricked the senses and was awarded my favourite dish overall.

Crispy Skin Barramundi 

The first main was a fragrant and fresh serving of crispy skin barramundi perched atop a little mound of squid ink risotto and accompanied with a delicate piece of octopus.
The barramundi was cooked well with a nice crisp skin and delicately flaky interior. The octopus was equally well cooked without being too rubbery. The risotto however was a little disappointing, lacking creaminess and taste. It could’ve certainly added that fresh lemon lift to both the briney seafoods.

Rump ‘Minute’ Steak 

The second main of the evening was the Rump Minute steak with a side of fries and black garlic salt.

The steak was cooked to a lovely medium and was juicy and tender throughout. The added cherry tomatoes just added pops of tanginess for the steak the whole way.

The chips absolutely stole the show for me. That salt was just so moreish, I couldn’t stop going back for more!

Passionfruit, coconut, matcha bomb alaska, passionfruit sauce 

The bombe alaska, a classic dessert that is certainly a show stopper. Mobius’ version has an interior of passionfruit, coconut and matcha- a summery and clean combination that goes perfectly with the slightly toasted flavour of the external meringue.

Chocolate for 2 

The chocolate for 2 takes the humble ingredient and showcases it in a number of different forms. Mobius presented us with a dark chocolate souffle, milk chocolate mousse and brownie soil, white chocolate ice cream sandwich.
That’s a lot of chocolate!!

The dish wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet and used the three chocolates delicately with a sense of balance. My favourite was certainly the dark chocolate souffle which had a hint of bitterness. I was just yearning for some tartness to bring freshness to the decadent dish, like raspberries to break through the richness.

Overall Mobius is certainly not just the lobby restaurant serving you club sandwiches and wedges between your layover. They bring a sense of finesse to the classic airport hotel and ensure that you’re never likely to have a subpar meal before your flight again.

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Written by Jay Santiago @eatventures_


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