*Thanks Ompty for sending us out to La Sen!

La Sen is Vietnamese for lotus leaf, and the perfect name for a little family owned restaurant in the vibrant Randwick Spot. The restaurant itself is narrow and reminds me of the street eateries in Asia with its bright colours and that familiar aroma of incense as you enter.

We made our visit over an early lunch on a hot day when as the light and refreshing cuisine is best enjoyed.

La Sen Chicken Wings

The La Sen Chicken wings caught my eye and further recommended by the chef. I was certainly intrigued. I hadn’t tried a Vietnamese style of chicken wings so I was curious as to how exactly it would be prepared.

As soon as the dish arrived, the smell of fish sauce accompanied it and I could already feel my mouth salivate. The wings were juicy, tangy and salty – a complete explosion of flavour from such small and simple little wing. It’s a big recommendation and my personal favourite from the day.

Homemade Crispy Spring Rolls 

We couldn’t look past a serving of crispy and crunchy spring rolls. They arrived  piping hot and looked incredibly crispy. The first bite held a satisfying crunch and my mouth was filled with a lovely savoury filling. The dipping sauce added a refreshing sweetness to contrast the salt in the spring rolls.

Green Papaya Salad 

The green papaya salad was lightly dressed and refreshing – perfectly suited to the heat of Sydney’s summer. However, I found the dressing a little too sweet for me but overall a cool and crunchy salad to break up the heartiness of our dishes.

Rare Beef Pho
When having Vietnamese food, always get a pho. It’s compulsory. A huge bowl of piping hot pho arrived with delicate slices of rare beef sitting atop.

The pho was warming and comforting with its sweet aroma of the mixed spices. The broth was nice but had a lighter taste to what I usually prefer but the addition of a little basil, lemon and bean sprout added that hint of freshness.


Overall La Sen brought the refreshingly healthy Vietnamese food to life in The Spot. Both sporting the peak of comfort food as well as the light refreshing summer food, you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy.

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)


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