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A new addition to the Peckish rice crackers comes the new veggie range in sweet carrot, kale and garden veg.

Similar to the previous variety but this range is lighter, more airy and gluten free (for all you sweet coeliacs out there).

I often find healthy option crackers like these compromise on flavour which is always a bit of a disappointment.
The new veggie Peckish range quite the opposite is true, and all round they’re full of flavour! It doesn’t even necessarily need to be smothered in dip before you can really enjoy it.

That being said, they still go great with dips.

Personally, my favourite flavour was the green kale. It wasn’t too strong but you got a nice savoury-ness all round.
The crackers are light yet firm enough to hold dip or cheese and because they’re so light you don’t realize how many you’re eating. So they’re great either on their own or with something to accompany it. 

Let me know your thoughts of the new Peckish series in the comments below!

Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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