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Randwickians have been keeping quiet about Moroccan Feast for years, almost to a point of petty selfishness. It’s okay to share, Randwick!

Well, the cat’s out of the bag, and thanks to the gents over at Ompty, we were able to get in on this gem.

As soon as you step off the street and into Moroccan Feast, you’re swept into a Moroccan happy place. The space is tastefully decorated with authentic Moroccan items. Lamps, rugs and paintings display themselves whilst mellow Moroccan music fills the air. There was so much Morocco going on, we even started talking about planning a holiday there!

Our waiter was more than happy to recommend Moroccan Feast’s top eats, and we were more than happy to accept.

Agadir Feast

This fantastic entree set comes with nine Moroccan condiments and house-baked bread. They were all great, though if we were forced to pick some favourites they would be:

  • Roasted eggplant with its beautiful smoky and spicy profile
  • Lentil & capsicum which had some crunchy texture and coriander seasoning
  • Pate with maple syrup for some sweet and salty decadence.

The house baked bread itself also deserves a special mention. It’s beautifully fluffy and has a slight crispness to it. Amazing on its own or paired with the dips from the Agadir Feast.

Spicy cigars

Moroccan Feast take some spiced beef mince, roll it up in filo pastry, and fry that beauty. The result is a crisp and delicate exterior that crumbles away, exposing some fragrant and delicious beef. I would have loved this morsel even more if it was a touch spicier, but it’s definitely worth ordering!

Vegetable pastille

Basically the vegetarian equivalent of the spicy cigar, the vegetable pastilles are small triangle puffs filled with fluffy potato. It comes with a great tahini dipping sauce to add some nuttiness.

Hummus and falafel bowl

Touted as the waiter’s favourite dish on the menu, we were curious to see just how good these falafels could be.

They were divine! Each falafel was perfectly crunchy on the outside, with a soft moist interior. The accompanying hummus was fantastic as well, softening the crunch and adding its own character to the dish.

Lamb Tagine

Arguably Moroccan Feast’s most popular main, the lamb tagine is slow cooked for four and a half hours. The result is tender lamb that falls apart with ease as you dig in.

The dish is slightly sweet from apricots and prunes which compliment the lamb nicely. This is all placed on top of a bed of light and fluffy cous cous.

The combination of these elements makes the dish excellent value and large enough to share between two.


This was the first time trying moussaka and I loved it. Roasted eggplant and beef mince are layered on top of a potato base and coated in a tomato sauce.

I could have done with more chilli in the sauce personally, but the rest of the dish was great thanks to some charred fragments of eggplant and some well seasoned mince.

Mint tea

We couldn’t help but watch in awe as our waiter theatrically poured boiling hot tea from shoulder height!

A great post-main drink, the mint tea was a total palate cleanser. Made from fresh mint leaves, it cut through any leftover richness from the lamb tagine and moussaka.


Simply put, sfenj are deep fried donuts dusted with sugar. The outside was slightly crunchy that made way to a soft and fluffy centre. It was a reasonably light dessert option – a good thing as we were totally stuffed!

Packed with authenticity, great food and friendly service, Moroccan Feast is a great place to get acquainted with Moroccan cuisine. The menu is extensive, so you’re bound to find something you’ll like. Top picks are the Agadir Feast and the falafel bowl!

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)


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