*Thank you Ompty Media for this invite and to Mica for her lovely service on the day.

If you haven’t already seen Meet Mica all over Instagram and Facebook, where have you been?
My feed has been plastered with promises of lobster congee and oozy matcha toast so you can imagine why I was more than excited to go.

On a sunny day, we went and Met Mica!

The space is full of natural light as we took a seat in the busy yet spacious cafe.
As we looked through the menu, I instantly recognized the popular dishes that have been flooding Instagram over the last couple of weeks.

Mica chose some key menu items to showcase for our breakfast and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Australian Made Chai latte

I was really intrigued by the Australian chai as I love natural Australian ingredients to be used in every day dishes.
The chai was fragrant from the rainforest black tea and ginger but the most surprising thing was that the natural sweetness from the honey soak came through without having to add any sugar at all. A nice fragrant start to the day and a nice change from the usual chai.

V60 Pour over Honduras 

The Honduras was expertly brewed – it held a delicate flavour profile of hazelnuts and toffee caramel. Overall a great cup!


The first dish to arrive was the bento box, inside this little surprise was three delicate sandwiches, edamame and lotus chips.
Each sandwich was filled with flavoursome interiors: salmon and  mustard, egg and veges, and avocado. The edamame served as a nice refreshing kick of vegetables whilst the lotus chips were crunchy and well seasoned. A nice wholesome lighter version of lunch.

Crab Omelette 

One of the new additions to the menu as is the crab omelette.
When the dish arrived our noses were filled with the aroma of the ocean and the dish itself was gorgeous with pops of colour here and there. The omelette was accompanied by a crunchy buttery croissant.

The dish was savory and yet sweet from the pops of corn and roe here and there. Although not my favourite dish, it was certainly the Mister’s.

Lobster Congee 

Congee is one of my favourite dishes to have in the winter or if I’m feeling a little under the weather. Meet Mica makes one of the most decadent congees with huge cuts of lobster scattered across the top. The congee itself is warming and savoury with a slight briny taste, similar to that of the crab omelette.
Needless to say, this warming and decadent dish was my favourite of all the choices on the menu.

Another cafe is stepping up to the fusion-Japanese cafe scene and with beautiful and creative dishes. Meet Mica is serving up some fantastic coffee and overall interesting combinations of dishes. I hope to see the cafe grow and develop because I think this will be one to keep your eye on.

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)