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Manoosh Pizzeria offers some decent value-for-money Middle-Eastern eats that will get you salivating in next to no time.

The shop largely caters to the take-away crowd, but there are some spots to sit and chow if you’re not on the go.

Chicken potato crunch

A recent addition to Manoosh’s menu are the chicken potato crunch balls – pieces of marinated chicken wrapped in mash potato and deep fried.

To me, they seem like Lebanon’s answer to KFC’s mashies. They come with garlic sauce, and once you dip these crunchy golden goodies in that, you won’t want to share – not even with your significant other. If you’re dining with someone, it’s advised you order one set each to avoid a domestic. The only thing I feel could be a bit better is the marinade on the chicken – it wasn’t a really prominent flavour, being saved by dat garlic sawce.

Zaatar with haloumi cheese

Making cheese-lovers’ wildest dreams come true, Manoosh load a Lebanese wrap with zaatar-encrusted haloumi and toast until the cheese is partially melted. Zaatar is a mix of Middle Eastern herbs – similar to combining thyme and oregano.

Being hand-held, they’re a takeaway dream and taste incredible. The haloumi’s salty and slightly creamy taste paired nicely with Manoosh’s dry Zaatar herbs, whilst the toasted wrap provided some crunchiness. Overall, a great snack!

Garlic chicken pizza

With over a dozen varieties of pizza to choose from, it took us a while before we finally settled on the garlic chicken.

Similar to the potato crunch, I found the chicken’s marinade lacked a massive flavour hit. Something that could peg it strongly to the Middle East would be ideal for the future.

The garlic flavour came from a layer of garlic sauce drizzled over the pizza. There’s no doubt this is an amazing garlic sauce and was arguably the best part of the pizza.

Manoosh Pizzeria is a great little takeaway joint for those in the Newtown/Enmore area with a Middle Eastern craving. A must-order is something from their Zaatar wrap range, and don’t forget their garlic sauce!

Website: www.manoosh.com.au

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)