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Salaryman rejoice! There’s a bar for you to get your drink on close to Central station. Just don’t fall asleep on the way home and miss your stop again, okay!

Enter Goros; a slightly over-the-top Japanese themed bar. The space has tables for groups looking to chow while they drink, and some standing room around the bar. Oh yeah, there’s also a few arcade games and a karaoke room. Did I mention it was Japanese themed?

A strong recommendation is to come to Goros early as tables fill up fast during night service.

Kyoto Zombie and Moshi Moshi #1

From first glance, the Kyoto Zombie is aptly named thanks to its shade of bright green. Thankfully it smelt nothing like a zombie, instead reminiscent of a Zooper Dooper. Its taste overall was sweet from pineapple juice, but it packed a bit of an unexpected punch with a heavy rum presence.

Goros has jumped on the alcoholic bubble tea bandwagon with their Moshi Moshi cocktail that tastes exactly like a normal bubble tea. It’s sweet and fruity and loaded with lychee popping pearls. They’re pretty addictive, which is dangerous for both your bank account and alcohol consumption.

After our first round, we were keen to get our chow on. All up we ended up sharing eleven dishes – almost half the Goros menu! Out of them all, we found a few clear winners as well as some losers.


Pumpkin and mushroom salad with yuzu dressing & soba noodles

I know what you’re thinking: how does a SALAD make a top pick?! To be fair, this isn’t really a salad. It’s noodles and vegetables, and it’s delicious. The vegetables were nicely charred, adding pockets of smoky crunch. Goro’s yuzu dressing alone almost takes this home for me. Its unmistakable citrus zing brings back a flood of memories from Japan and ties the rest of the ‘salads’ ingredients together.

Corn yakitori

Another great starter is Goro’s corn yakitori. Cobs of corn are charred, lathered in cheese and topped with a touch of Panko crumb to add a little crunch. There’s a lot going on in this little morsel, and it’s all good!

Pork belly yakitori

If I was only allowed to order one thing at Goros, it’d be the pork belly yakitori. The skewers were juicy and tender and their soy-mirin marinade tied them firmly to Japan. The fat was rendered nicely and held a beautiful BBQ flavour.



It has to be said – I wasn’t a fan of this sushi. It came in two kinds – cooked tuna & cucumber and prawn tempura & avo. Not only was cooking the tuna an opportunity lost to show off some fresh fish, it reminded me of the canned supermarket stuff. The prawn tempura was better – the batter was crisp at least. However I couldn’t help but be disappointed that it took the place of some decent fish.

Pork and prawn dumplings

Another disappointing dish was the dumplings. They lacked any real flavour – the salty hit from a fresh prawn couldn’t be found, leaving us with the taste of under-marinated pork.

Goros also do sake bombs, so after we finished eating we headed to the bar. They’re a fun alternative to shots, though mind the potential spillage or flying chopstick!

Goros is the kind of place you can have a pretty good sit-down dinner and hang around for the nightlife after. There are some fantastic dishes to be found in the yakitori section of the menu, but tread carefully around the sushi and dumplings.

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)