A year ago in late October, I had the privilege to attend a talk by Typsy Hospitality to learn from the great minds of the industry. I also had the luck to win a voucher with Doughnut time.

Cecilia (@itsmiss.t) and I started brainstorming all the ideas we could do with the voucher, from a picnic to a photoshoot. Eventually our idea grew bigger and bigger, it started to go from a couple of people to 10 people and eventually 30.

Cecilia had the amazing idea to contact Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA) and use our foodie skills to good use and from there “Get Your Pink On” was born.

Building for a great cause and raising for conviction for Dine Pink*, we definitely took this project to heart to reach out to our most loved sponsors.

Thanks to our incredible sponsors who supported us through this journey, we were able to make such a beautiful event.

The Commons – Venue & Beetroot Risotto & Pink Mocktail

Paella Del Mar – Squid and Chorizo Paella with Beetroot Tzaziki

Sydney Smash Cakes & Bakers Delight

Mr Wang’s Cafe

Bravo Gelato

Black Velvet Cupcakes

Brendon the Smiling Chef – Incredible Strawberry cake

We raised $400 thanks to our community, the support around us and especially thanks to all the hard work Cecilia put in. From the bottom of our hearts at Eatventures, we are so grateful to be a part of this campaign and to work with the community and wonderful people like Cecelia with hearts of gold.


*The Dine Pink campaign will be hitting Sydney in October combining the importance of 25food and bringing people together with awareness for Breast Cancer. This October, those who dine at participating Dine Pink venues are able to win a $1000 voucher from your favorite Dine Pink restaurant! Keep your eyes peeled to see this campaign hit our shores.

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