After all of the hype and in the midst of truffle season, I finally made my way down to Devon Barangaroo.
Luckily I made a booking as the line for the little cafe went on and on, even for an early brunch.

Although chilly, there were ample heaters that allowed us sit outside comfortably and enjoy the slight breeze of Barangaroo. The streets are awfully quiet on the weekend but somewhat peaceful where Devon sits, far enough away from the bustle near the water but still within one of the main thoroughfares in Barangaroo.

Looking through the menu I can immediately recognize favourites that frequently appear on my Instagram feed.

We ordered a range of dishes to share so we could try a little bit of everything.

Beef Cheek Hash 

The beef cheek hash arrived a little bit smaller than expected, in a small sizzler pan that seemed only just enough for one. However, after taking a bite the dish was super rich and flavours of sweetness and soy filled my mouth.

The egg yolk provided an extra smooth richness to the dish and almost diluted the high sweetness of the dish overall. I felt like this was lacking something to soak all that lovely sauce like bread or rice, which would ultimately fill out the dish even more. Still good though.

Eggs Blini 

The Eggs Blini was a lovely contrast of colours; each egg hugged by smoked salmon over little blinis. On first inspection, I thought the blini’s were a little on the thicker side than what anticipated. Nevertheless, breaking the yolk I was pleased to see perfectly poached eggs oozing into the blini below.

Taking the first bite, the classic combination of smoked salmon and poached egg is one that can’t be beaten. The only thing was, the blini was a little on the thicker side than what I would’ve liked personally. It proved to be a little cakey and doughy making the dish quite heavy.

With more sour cream, the fish roe and the salmon could’ve been elevated.

Croissant Royale

The favourite across the table and almost certainly the most photogenic amongst them all too was the Croissant Royale. In true winter fashion, it was coated with a generous layer of WA truffle.
Although a simple combination, every element of the dish was done well. A nice, sweet but flakey pastry, a soft fluffy and airy omelette and super crispy bacon, all topped up with the earthy smokiness from the black truffle.

Very little faults with this dish overall and a definite favourite.

DD Special

Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Devon without getting the Devon Special.
Chips and soft serve, a combination only I thought was nostalgic of my childhood is now available to everyone.

Today’s flavour of the day was truffle or Thai milk tea.
Curiosity got the best of us and we got the truffle with extra shaved truffle over the top (because, well it is truffle season after all…)

When it arrived, there was a healthy serving with truffle over the top along with piping hot chips. The chips were well seasoned and perfectly crunchy, the saltiness and heat worked well with the sweetness and cool contrasting ice cream. The perfect salty/sweet combination with a hot/cold sensation as well.

Devon is ever popular cafe that has made its way all over Instagram and is one of those must visit cafes for your truffle fix.
Although it certainly is on the pricey side of cafe dining, I can at least say I thoroughly enjoyed the indulgence.

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)