*Thank you Black Star Pastry for the invite to the launch night 

Black Star Pastry have done it again with their fantastic layered cakes. Taking inspiration from the delicate balance of flavours in Japan, along with the classic cake Black Forest, they’ve created a Japanese Forest Cake with Choya Umeshu and a combination of teas. The cake was as beautiful as you could imagine, like a forest floor in the heart of autumn.

When we tried the cake we were instantly hit with that Black Forest Cake impression but restrained and far more balanced. The ume plum shone through as a tart and fragrant flavour but mellowed by the earthiness of the hojicha tea. Not too sweet or overpowering.

Definitely the choice afternoon tea cake in my opinion – goes perfectly with a hot drink.

Special thanks to Black Star Pastry and their launch for the Choya Forest Cake!

More images from the launch night below! 

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