*Thank you to Ayam & Red Agency PR 

In 1892, a company emerged in Indonesia with the Bahasa word for ‘Rooster’, that company was Ayam.
Fast forward to 2017, 125 years later and coincidentally the year of the rooster in the Chinese calendar. Ayam creates authentic asian products in a range of cultures and cuisines. Products ranging anywhere from the humble soy sauce to the pre-made pastes to save you the time and complexity. From the humble beginnings, to a now globally recognized brand, Ayam has certainly made it’s impact over the past century.

To celebrate their 125th Birthday, Ayam held a cooking class with Adam Liaw.
Star struck as I was, I was so excited to be there to learn from him and the development with this wonderful brand.

During the course of the day he taught us to make 2 dishes a beef curry and a stir fried hokkien noodle. Although he was cooking and demonstrating, he spoke to us about cooking as a whole.

One of the most unique talks Adam went through was the distinctions between flavour and  taste. It was never really something that I thought lived separately but as he continued to explain, flavour relates to aromas and senses whereas you taste certain profiles, such as sweetness or saltiness.

It was a dream to hear the wealth of knowledge from Adam and to watch him work so naturally in the kitchen and bring everyday ingredients that I have in the cupboards, to life.

As we moved to the next room, I was paired in a group with Sammy and Bella, the sister duo that won My Kitchen Rules Australia in 2011. Two incredibly lovely down to earth girls that have so much skill in the kitchen. Taking Adam’s recipe and adding their own tips and tricks in it. As we got chatting they told me about their upcoming television series that will be on Ten by the end of October. It sounded like a great project so keep your eyes peeled to catch them on your screens soon!

I want to extend my greatest thanks to Ayam and Redagency PR for inviting me to this event.To be able to stand next to great chefs and learn how to make beautiful food with a kitchen staple like Ayam is an experience I could never replace.

Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)