*Thank you @omptymedia for this invite, thank you as well to Where the bean drops for their hospitality 

This cafe is a Rozelle local’s haven and as we approached, there was an incredible buzz on the streets. We were greeted by the friendly owners as we entered and on a glorious winter day, we decided to sit outside and soak in the sunshine and bathe in fresh air.

One of the interesting things about the cafe is that they stock 23 types of teas. Ranging from your herbal teas to the intense chai teas, you’re bound to find something that suits your fancy.

We ordered a couple of coffees to start and although the menu was full of favourites, we put our trust in the chef’s choice.  What we were served were some of the café’s most popular dishes.

Breakfast Bruschetta 

The ever popular avocado on toast can only be improved with the addition of soft eggs and a salty hit from the smoked salmon.Pretty as a picture, the fresh smoked salmon sat laced between two perfectly poached eggs.

A good combination through and through, these ingredients work perfectly together so no complaints here.

Omelette – Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomato & Feta 

The omelette arrived a little different to what I was expecting. Usually I expect omelettes served as a thick pillowy semicircle.
Nevertheless, we took a bite and we were surprised.
Keeping the full circle allowed the fresh ingredients to shine rather than be smothered with a mountain of egg. Each bite was accompanied with a fresh hit from the vegetables. Another surprise was how silky the egg from the omelette was, like taking a bite into silken tofu, the omelette was smooth and absolutely delicate.

Last but not least, the biggest surprise was how much the texture and flavour amounted from the bread. Often simply overlooked, the bread was full of flavour, with a crisp edge and soft interior –  it added buckets full of earthiness.

Home cooked brownie, berry compote, vanilla ice cream 

Tempted by the allure of the pantry items, we were also given a slice of home cooked brownie. With this we also ordered a pot of energizing tea as a preventative measure against a possible food coma we may suffer.

The brownie had chunks of walnut interlaced in the soft moist brownie. With each bite, the vanilla ice cream added a cleansing and cooling bite whilst the berry compote cut through with sour zing.

Overall Where the Bean Drops brings comforting favourites and makes a great long brunch spot for anyone. They have a great selection of teas and treats available throughout the day with a genuine rustic feel to everything.

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)