Special thanks to @qtix and @bugolgi.chatswood for the invite!

Nestled on the outside fringe of Chatswood’s Westfield sits The Bulgogi, a two-levelled restaurant dishing up some serious Korean BBQ.

We managed to try some of Bulgogi’s most popular dishes, which had a strong seafood and steak theme. I was salivating as soon as the dishes hit the table, all in rapid succession.

Salmon avocado salad

Each ingredient in this salad was bursting with freshness. Salmon and avocado are simply made for each other. The mild saltiness of the salmon cut nicely through the avocado’s creamy texture. Throw in some additional flavours like ponzu, soy and mirin and you simply can’t turn down this salad.

Small sushi and sashimi set

The sushi and sashimi set was basically the standard sushi-train, crowd-pleasing mix of mainly kingfish, tuna and salmon.  Considering Bulgogi is a Korean BBQ joint, their sushi and sashimi quality is pretty good, but not worth going out of your way for compared to the other dishes on offer.

Spicy tofu hot pot (left)

This warming bowl of mixed seafood and tofu was nice and spicy, but not overbearing. I didn’t have the chance to try any of the seafood, but the tofu was silky smooth and melted away effortlessly.

Bulgogi Bibimbap

I found myself coming back again and again for Bulgogi’s Bibimbap. The beef was grilled to perfection, lending a tantalising smoky element to the salty soy marinade. This is a must order!

Seafood pancake

Another favourite of mine was the seafood pancake. The pancake was crisp and crunchy and encased a variety of fresh clams, octopus, shrimp and calamari. Pairing this slightly salty morsel with a sweet dipping sauce was simply delicious.

Yukke – beef tartare, egg and sliced pear

This is our first time trying yukke, and I can only describe it best as a Korean steak tartare. Made with high quality beef, the yukke arrived with a pristine egg yolk perched on top with daikon and cucumber nestled on each side. After a quick mix, all the richness of the yolk drizzled into the moist beef. A gorgeous combination made better with a hint of sesame oil throughout. After this experience, I’m ready to order yukke again!

Black Angus beef and Wagyu beef

These bad boys hitting the table was the moment we were all waiting for! I mean, you can’t go to a KBBQ joint and not order meat to BBQ!

What I love the most about KBBQ is the do-it-yourself cooking part. Cooking with friends is fun and a great way to connect!

The platter we tried came loaded with scotch fillet, oyster blade, Wagyu and short rib cuts. They were all great cuts, though my heart fell for the Wagyu and short rib.

The Bulgogi is a great spot in Chatswood to grab a delicious meal. They use the QTix app, which allows you to join a queue for a table without physically waiting. Something to consider using if you don’t like waiting!

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)