The minds at the Grounds of Alexandria have been busy at work on their next project, The Grounds of the City. When the cafe finally opened, I marvelled at the gorgeous detail and intricacy of the café’s design. Sporting a 1920s look picking up details from the Queen Victoria Building, the cafe boasts their keen eye for detail and design.

We managed to get a breakfast booking on a chilly winter’s day, the warming look of the interior of the cafe was definitely felt as we escaped the cold. As we sat at one of the side seats, the first thing I noticed was my awkward suck-in to squeeze between the tight tables to the couch seat. In this constricted space, I subsequently grazed my neighbours in my attempt to sit down and when I finally did, we were shoulder to shoulder with each other.

Nevertheless, we had a browse through the menu and the drinks menu and made our choices.

Cheddar, Chives and Maple Bacon Omelette 

After a big night the previous evening, the omelette was absolutely calling to me.
Holding all the best flavours: cheese, bacon and eggs, it was an absolute no-brainer to pick this one. The dish arrived rustic yet pretty, as expected from the very aesthetic Grounds of Alexandria.

Taste-wise, however, I was a little disappointed with this dish overall. The omelette itself was limp, dense, not fluffy and light as I was expecting. The bacon was small, soggy and frankly a little bit of a heartbreak. It reminded me of the paper-thin slices of steamed bacon you get at a hotel breakfast buffet and there wasn’t even a hint of maple at all as promised in the menu. I do prefer my bacon on the crispier side so this was quite saddening.

That being said, the roast tomatoes were great pops of juicy sweetness that moistened the omelette and added much-needed flavour. Overall, quite disappointed considering the price.

 Brekkie Roll 

As a B&E lover, Lachlan couldn’t refuse the Grounds’ version. It came loaded with two kinds of pork (bacon and pork sausage), a fried egg, avo and tomato salsa. I loved seeing the egg yolk ooze throughout the roll – an obvious sign of a well-prepared egg. The real highlight was the pork sausage, which held noticeable garlic and fennel flavours that made this brekkie roll special.

Deconstructed Mocha 

Nowhere else would I in my right mind pay $7 for a mocha; for the simple combination of not enough coffee and not enough chocolate. Nowhere else can I also really justify making my own drink and then paying more for it. Except here, because well…when you’re at the Grounds…

All in all, it was a good mocha which had melted chocolate through it which was nice, but personally I wish there were a little bit more coffee and less milk. Otherwise it went down alright.

Columbian Pour Over Coffee 

This pour over was simply fantastic. It had a fairly delicate flavour profile that danced between slightly smoky and nutty with hints of berry in the finish. It was served in a scotch glass for a dramatic finish, however this wasn’t really practical for a piping hot beverage.

Grounds of the City has a gorgeous layout with beautiful details everywhere you turn. In my recent experience, due to unbearably tight spaces with average dishes for well-above-average prices don’t give its beauty justice.

I hope to come back in the future and fingers crossed can just say that this was only because it was new.

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Written by Jay Santiago @eatventures_