*Thank you I am strategist and Ram from Substation Cafe for this Invite 

Who would’ve known what to do with an old electrical sub station? One might think that the space is awkward and overall just a little bit odd. But not the owners at Substation Cafe! They have transformed it into a unique eatery. We arrived on a cool winter’s day to find that the ‘outdoor patio’ had a nice breeze but was cosy and warm beneath its roofing.

Hosting a killer brunching menu, this intimate place definitely brings their A-Game. As soon as you walk in you’re enveloped in homely kitchen aromas including the wafting sweet scent of coffee and your eyes are drawn to the array of freshly baked goods sitting on the counter.
There are also daily specials on display that use only the best produce available under creativity of the chef. We took a seat in a little corner and soaked in the warmth from the gas heaters that kept us nice and toasty while we looked through the menu.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the words Bacon and Brie so an order was made from those two ingredients alone. The menu also held a number of favourites but the most unique dishes were certainly the daily specials on the day.

Early Rush Breaky Roll 

This took on the humble bacon and egg roll and pushed it an extra step further. And this extra step included healthy portions of brie and a house made pesto drizzled over the top.

The rocket isn’t completely for show, the beautiful medley of egg yolk, brie, bacon and pesto is cut straight through with a fresh peppery hit from the rocket with every bite. The brie and pesto is stellar with the classic bacon and egg combination, a creamy and flavoursome release with every bite.

A great way to get your greens in your daily intake whilst keeping up with your daily bae.

Spinach, Pumpkin and Fetta Scroll & Mushroom roll

We couldn’t say no to the gorgeous smells and the freshly made pastries as we walked through the door, so we were given a small selection of a fresh batch from the owner.

The spinach pumpkin and feta roll had a surprisingly sweet and buttery taste throughout. Although the small pops of feta throughout made for a nice balance.

The real winner between the two was the dish that appeared to be a sausage roll, but on biting I was hit with something that was packed full of flavour. A layer of perfectly seasoned mushrooms was held on the inside of this puff pastry and it was both a textural and flavourful delight. It was Lachlan’s favourite from the day.

Kashkaval Eggs

Shakshuka is everywhere right now and Substation have their own version using Kashkaval cheese. The cheese is rather mild with a nice chewy texture, it melts well over the whole dish and every now and then you get a good mouthful and it’s fantastic.

The dish was cooked perfectly with runny eggs bathed in tomato and pepper sauce. It was seasoned well and you’re hit with fresh herbs that cuts through all the richness. The pickles on the side act as a palate cleanser in between mouthfuls with a sour but refreshing zing. Overall a perfect dish for winter that’s comforting and yum.

Mint & Pea Puree, Mushrooms, Quinoa, Bacon, Eggs, Zaatar 

This dish reminds me exactly of an acai bowl… if it were made for someone that preferred savory food (like me). The most striking thing to me was the bright green puree that the dish floated in.

A balanced stack of mushrooms, quinoa, bacon and poached eggs sat nestled in this puree allowing for the yolk to trickle through each part of the dish. On the first bite, I was hit with the minty freshness from the pea puree, followed by the richness of the yolk and the salty and textures of the bacon and mushroom.

A beautiful combination of striking ingredients, each one shining in its own right whilst being balanced well by the pure cleanliness of the puree.

Substation Cafe is small but certainly doesn’t lack in potential. The dishes coming out of this cafe are unique and stand tall with the big names in the Alexandria food scene.

Definitely a must visit again when in the area  and I anticipate that this will become quite regular in the not too distant future.


Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)
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