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Inferno Grill & Cafe is a casual eatery that boasts incredible value-for-money within its wide variety of eats.

We quickly noticed a strong sense of the Maroubra community at Inferno. Old photos and artworks of the suburb lined the walls, proudly displayed. As we sat, we noticed everyone was greeted as friends by the super friendly and attentive staff.

We’ve heard tales of Inferno’s legendary thick shakes, so we couldn’t refuse the offer to try them. There are around a dozen flavours which made the selection process tough! We finally settled on the peanut butter chocolate shake.

I instantly fell in love with this shake! The combination of creamy and decadent chocolate with peanut butter made me feel like I was drinking a Reece’s.

Mozzarella cheese stick

A cheese-lover’s dream, Inferno take a slab of mozzarella, coat it in breadcrumbs and fry it. The result was amazing. It tasted kind of like a very cheesy mini Margherita pizza. We know we shouldn’t play with our food, but it was too tempting to avoid as we stretched the hot mozzarella.

Greek style nachos

This was probably our favourite dish at Inferno – not only was it incredibly delicious, it was also surprisingly healthy.

Tender slow cooked beef, salsa and home-made tzatziki sat atop a bed of crispy pita bread ‘nachos’. The fresh and slightly tart flavours of salsa and tzatziki screamed Greece, and I loved the use of pita in the dish – each ‘nacho’ was superbly crunchy.

2 Lamb skewers

Another dish bursting with Greek flavour was the lamb skewers. Plump and juicy lamb pieces sat amongst grilled halloumi and salad. Similar to the Greek Nachos, the dish was pretty healthy despite first impressions. The smoky flavour of the barbecued lamb was definitely the highlight.

Boss Hogg

Double beef patty, double bacon, yakk sauce, relish, crumbed mozzarella, pickles

When there are two kinds of double in a burger, you know it’s going to be a monster. I really liked the generous serving of crispy bacon in this beast! The patties were a little on the dry side, but the sauce and relish combo made it pretty unnoticeable. The crumbed mozzarella was a creative way to get a cheese hit into the burg, whilst also adding some crunchy texture. Putting all those elements in between some buns made for a pretty enjoyable Burger.

Honey badger

This burger immediately caught my eye as it was packed with some of my favourites. The grilled chicken was succulent and slightly charred, lending some serious flavour to the burg. To my delight, I found the bacon just as crispy as the Boss Hogg’s. Binding these two proteins together was the honey mustard mayo. This condiment was the highlight in this burger for me. It was sweet, creamy and tart all at the same time!

Super Trooper

160g beef patty, 4 x maple bacon, 4 x American Cheddar, ketchup, aioli, mustard, pickles

We couldn’t leave Inferno without trying their enormous Super Trooper. No seriously – they wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Sure, on Insta I’ve seen bigger, but those images fade fast when this is in front of your face. To date, the Super Trooper is the biggest burger I’ve eaten. Afterwards, I had to just sit around at Inferno, digesting this monster until I felt okay to drive! If you’re looking for a cheap lunch, take a friend and share this with them.

The maple bacon was arguably my favourite element in the burger. It was crispy, salty and sweet and generously served. I’m glad it was there as it allowed me to occasionally divert my taste buds away from all the beef.

Inferno Grill & Cafe offer a number of unique and tasty dishes that will satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank. A definite check-in if you’re in the area.

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)


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