One of Sydney’s most notorious burger bars has opened a store within Parramatta’s CBD, another notch on the suburb’s foodie bedpost.

The vibe and fitout of BL Parra is as if you’ve stepped into an RnB Fridays sesh, ready to party with the burger gods.

BL Parra has largely the same menu as its cousin in the city, so we decided to stick with our favourites.

Shoestring fries with aioli

The fries were pretty tasty. They were nicely salted, came in a pretty generous serve and the creamy aioli had a touch of zing to finish. Sadly, I found them too far on the blonde side and lacked a strong crunch.

BL Burger – beef pattie, streaky bacon, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickles & BL Burger sauce

I was so excited for this burger!

The pattie was well seasoned and held a slightly pink centre – I loved how it melted in the mouth. It was definitely the standout element.

The streaky bacon was crispy and salty, fighting its way through everything else to land on my taste-buds.

I found the cheese lent a creamy edge to the burger, but sadly didn’t have a major impact on flavour. A thicker slice could’ve solved the problem.

I’m a pickle fiend – they have such an amazing texture and practically burst with briney flavour. Every time I caught a slice in a bite, I couldn’t help but savour the moment of deliciousness.

The BL sauce is a smokey BBQ sauce that’s sweet, tangy and packed with spices.

Blame Canada – beef pattie, maple-glazed streaky bacon, American cheese & poutine

Arguably the greatest BL creation is their Blame Canada, which is basically a burger with a fistful of poutine shoved in.

The beef pattie was just as melt-in-your-mouth perfect as the BL burger.

I found the crunchy maple bacon an absolute star, as the sweet yet salty combo melded into every bite.

Boasting pieces of soft curd, seasoned gravy and crunchy fries, the poutine was definitely the best part of the burger. I loved the creamy-salty hit of the specs of curd and how its smooth texture contrasted with the crunch of the fries. The liquid gravy negated the need for a sauce and came packed with a meaty flavour.

We couldn’t help but compare BL Parra with its city counterpart afterwards.

Overall, we’d say the city store edges out on top on fries and the BL Burger, but it’s too close to call for Blame Canada. We also suspect Parra will catch up and close the flavour gap once the team have found their feet.

BL Burgers Parramatta is a gift bestowed on the suburb by the burger gods. The store could use some minor tweaks and touch-ups to bring it up to par with their flagship city store, but can be overlooked during its infancy stage. Worth a visit for the Westies!

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (mister_eats)