Thank you to the wonderful @eatventures_ for surprising me with this dinner for my birthday!

My birthday dinner celebrations have developed a bit of a tradition in the form of Japanese cuisine. So naturally, sooner or later, we’d end up at sushi e for it.

The friendly staff at sushi e seated us promptly and as I began to look over the menu, I quickly became excited. There were a lot of my favourites!

Medium sashimi – marinated bonito, tuna, salmon, kingfish, snapper

We simply had to sample the sashimi at sushi e. Typical Western favourites came together with a few Japanese choice cuts, offering a highly diverse tasting plate.

First up was the snapper, which had a very light and subtle flavour. It was sliced extremely thin, making it look as delicate as it tasted.

We then moved onto the kingfish, which was noticeably more firm and salty in comparison. I love kingfish and sushi e’s did not disappoint!

I’ve found salmon quality is reasonably consistent within Japanese restaurants in Sydney, so there were no disappointments here. The slightly fatty and soft texture of salmon gets me every time.

The quality of tuna in Sydney however, can very greatly. Thankfully, sushi e have wonderful tuna! It was one of my favourites in the selection as it practically melted in my mouth.

Lastly, we tried the marinated bonito which came with an explosion of ginger and soy flavour. I’ve developed a soft spot for bonito whilst in Japan, so it was great to see this fish included at sushi e.

Pacific oysters with ponzu dressing and spicy daikon

I love oysters. Their salty and briny punches are a perfect combination that let their freshness do the talking.

Sushi e captured these elements, then transformed them with delicate Japanese ingredients. Their ponzu dressing cut through each oysters saltiness by providing some citrus notes to each bite. A tiny touch of spicy daikon lent a slight heat which  contrasted the oysters brine nicely.

Chicken karaage

Another Japanese favourite of mine has to be chicken karaage. Who can say no to fried chicken?

Sushi e captured the simplicity and deliciousness of karaage, and I quickly became addicted. With a crisp coating that encases succulent, juicy chicken, you’d be an addict too! The accompanying kewpie mayonnaise paired perfectly with the karaage. I enjoyed it’s creaminess and slight citrus zing as they rounded out each bite of chicken.

Nigiri – scampi, horse mackerel, unagi, bonito

We then moved onto some nigiri, and we couldn’t go past our favourites. Jay opted for scampi and horse mackerel and I chose unagi and bonito.

The unagi was beautifully marinated and I really enjoyed it’s slight smokiness. It’s texture was nice and soft – it simply melted away as I ate it.

My bonito nigiri was salty and delicate, demonstrating sushi e source some quality bonito. I was so happy I managed to try bonito twice in one evening!

Wagyu Beef

Our waitress highly recommended the Wagyu beef, so we accepted the suggestion. As soon as it appeared at our table, we were glad we did! It was cooked to perfection with a beautiful pink centre and tender texture. The accompanying sesame sauce was divine, so I liberally applied it to each strip of juicy Wagyu.

Panna cotta

We still had a bit of room for dessert, so ended our meal with some panna cotta. It arrived in little shot glasses, topped with sweet and slightly tart raspberry koolie. The texture of the panna cotta was smooth and soft. Overall, sushi e nailed it!

I had an amazing time at sushi e. Their extensive menu caters to all tastes and their service is terrific.
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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)