Out of the way from the busy Rhodes shopping centre but only around the corner sits a little cafe full of character called Left of Field.

The cafe has a clean, minimalistic vibe with tall ceilings and pops of nature. We’re greeted by a friendly face who seated us at a table suitable for the pram and tiny guest that we had joining us for brunch that day.

After ordering our usual coffees we had a quick look at the menu. It was interesting to see the unique style of common classics that are often seen in many cafes.

The coffees were rich and had a perfect balance of strong coffee and milk, served piping hot – just the way I like it.

Fried duck egg, asparagus, garlic, wild mushrooms, pecorino & truffle oil (added bacon)
My eyes were immediately drawn to this dish as I’ve had a recent obsession with mushrooms on toast. I was all the more curious about how the duck egg would add to the dish overall.

When the dish arrived you could smell the buttery richness coming from the mushrooms along with the complexities of pecorino cheese and truffle oil throughout. Unfortunately, the duck egg was fully cooked through but on taking a bite, I realised it might be best. The duck egg was incredibly fragrant and tasted very gamey in a way. I actually ended up finding the egg quite overpowering even amongst the truffle oil and pecorino.

That being said, the mushrooms were buttery and warm which went perfectly with the truffle oil. I personally would’ve liked a little more pecorino to really bring out the flavour and act as a greater sense of sharpness in the dish. The added bacon was certainly a fantastic addition but for the extra cost, I was hoping the serving would have at least been more generous.

Overall I really enjoyed this dish, if only the egg was a regular poached or fried egg, I may have enjoyed it just a touch more.

Hotcakes with caramelised banana, earl grey custard & maple popcorn 

Who can honestly say no to such an alluring dish? The thing that sold it for me was the earl grey custard, which was something I haven’t seen before! True to its description, the dish was delivered with a generous serving of pancakes and a gorgeous decoration of mixed berries and popcorn. Personally, I wish this dish came with an extra lashing of custard as the pancakes were a little dry. I didn’t really eat much of the popcorn – they were purely ornamental for me. I went straight for the fruit as the freshness cut through the rich custard and buttery pancake really well.

After a hot cup of coffee and a babyccino for our young guest, we went home very happy. The staff were absolutely fantastic in this hip little café, the menu is increasingly interesting and makes you want to go back to try more. I’m looking forward to see the developments in this cafe and hope to come back again soon.


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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)

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  1. I like when a place puts a spin on a dish or has its own unique style. In this case things that make it stand out from all the other cafes, that’s the sort of place I enjoy dining at.

    1. Absolutely! It’s always good to go with something traditional but it’s even better when they can take it that step further !

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