*Thank you to @i.am.strategist for the invite to Henry’s Cronulla. 

Nestled within Ocean Grove Avenue sits Henry’s; a trendy restaurant. The restaurant holds a seaside vibe with its straw wicker seating and minimalist styling.

The restaurant is an even split between alfresco and indoor dining with a gorgeous leaf mural on the inside.

As we begin our dining experience, we browse the menu for any immediate standout dishes. What I particularly loved was the special winter selection of cocktails as well as the winter styled dishes that go along with the season’s best ingredients.


A pretty and aromatic cocktail, the downthyme has the sweet hints of mandarin and thyme along with a vanilla sugar rim. The gin taste doesn’t hit you till the very end but it’s mellowed out by the herby thyme. An easy warming drink, great for winter.

Crab Soldiers 

The crab soldiers usually come in a dish of three, but our waiter was kind enough to give us an extra soldier. The base was incredibly crisp and thin with a creamy topping. A nice bland and sweet dish overall. Although delicious, among the rest of the menu it wasn’t as much of a stunner but still good nonetheless.

Kingfish Crudo 

One of the prettiest dishes I’ve seen, the Kingfish crudo looked like a painting with its highlights of pink peppercorns amongst the rose petals. Almost as if it were a scene out of American Beauty.

The eschallots were quite sweet amongst the kingfish but the most powerful flavour came from the rose petals which filled the senses with each bite. The pink peppercorn was actually sweet in nature with a tiny hit of pepper but otherwise wasn’t too noticeable apart from the hard texture.
Although nice, I could probably have done with a little less rose petal as the floral scent was overpowering in some mouthfuls. As one of the prettiest dishes I had as well as one of the freshest, it was a unique and fragrant surprise. 

Trout with Fennel and Black Garlic

The menu lists sand whiting but it wasn’t available at the time. To compensate, the day’s special was Trout cooked with a parsnip puree, fennel and black garlic which we found as a happy compromise.

The dish was also delicately plated as the kingfish, generous dollops of black garlic and a healthy spread of parsnip puree were beautifully arranged. The fish was crisp and fresh but the real winner for us was that rich and sweet black garlic with the fragrant parsnip that really brought the fish to life. The fennel made for a sharp contrast in texture and flavour amongst the richness from the other ingredients. Overall a well balanced dish!

Smoked Baby chicken

My understanding was that an edible baby chicken was simply just an egg.
But alas, a baby chicken was indeed served. The bird was smoked beautifully with a light and not overpowering flavour. It was cooked absolutely perfectly and the meat was incredibly tender and so juicy with every bite.

The dish was served with both a corn puree and corn kernels which gave the dish sweetness. The combination of the sweet corn against the smokey chicken was an absolute winner.

A suprisingly delightful dish with a sophisticated flavour profile.

Henry’s is a gorgeous little restaurant releasing dishes with finesse and style. With an extensive and creative cocktail menu to back up the equally creative regular menu, this is definitely a place to go back to season after season to see what else they’re creating.

I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the area!

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)