Special thanks to Alex from Goodpizza (@goodpizzasydney) for the invite.

Recently opened in Alexandria, GOODPIZZA is on the hunt to shake up the woodfire pizza scene.

Tired of seeing countless rehashed woodfire pizza menus across Sydney? GOODPIZZA have crafted a unique menu to offer something different to Sydney.

The goal of their menu is to balance unique ingredient combinations that still pay homage to tradition. Since my visit, they have changed their menu, so some of the below pizzas may no longer be available.

The first thing I noticed when I entered GOODPIZZA was their pizza oven. It’s directly in line with the door toward the back of the restaurant displaying a mesmerising fire. The small space is very open, and if you are standing you can see pizzas being cooked in the oven.

As I was sharing with a group, I was able to try pretty much all of GOODPIZAA’s current menu. Here’s what I thought:

Rocket Power – Rocket, radish, green beans, fried kipfler potatoes, Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, white balsamic dressing

Not a bad salad to start our evening. I find rocket and Parmesan a great combination due to its sharp and peppery flavour profile. The potatoes rounded out the salad with some carbs and there were enough vegetables to keep it healthy.

Fennel countdown – Fennel, orange, Spanish onion, rocket, orange vinaigrette

Our second salad was noticeably fragrant and fresh. I liked how the sweet orange citrus contrasted nicely against the anise-like flavour of fennel.

It wasn’t long before our pizzas started to arrive. One thing I enjoyed about all of them was how light the bases were. Even after a half dozen slices I didn’t feel that lethargy after a lot of greasy pizza.

Porchetta bout it – Swiss brown mushrooms, Italian pork sausage, white truffle oil, fior Di latte

I found this a good pizza to start with. The first flavour hit was definitely the truffle oil and its earthy goodness made my mouth water. I could only imagine how amazing truffle slices would have been!

The pork sausage was probably the best thing about this pizza. It was juicy, tender and had a nicely rounded flavour profile. I also fell in love with the fior Di latte (a type of mozzarella) as it was soft and stringy.

Peas be with you – Mint, peas, ricotta, radish

After such a stellar start to our pizza courses, I found this one a little bland. Quite simply, there just weren’t any ingredients that made this pizza flavoursome. One thing I did enjoy was the ricotta – it was creamy, soft and lent a really nice smooth texture the each bite.

Valetta – Maltese sausage and pepper cheese

This pizza bought us back into tasty town! GOODPIZZA know their way around a sausage and their Valetta was no exception. I noticed it was slightly spicy which worked well with the creamy-peppery flavours of the Maltese cheese. These two ingredients were enough to make this pizza memorable.

Kale to the chief – Spinach, kale, parsley, dill, tomato relish

I was immediately intrigued (and slightly skeptical) about this vegan pizza. “How can you have pizza without cheese?” I thought before tasting this creation.

This is exactly the line of thinking that GOODPIZZA wanted to challenge. I found they did a pretty solid job of tackling it! The crunchy kale was terrific and paired well with a spicy tomato relish. I particularly liked the relish’s lingering spice smack.

This was their lightest pizza and if I wasn’t such a carnivore, I’d rank it #1 for the night.

Portuguese tart

Baked vanilla custard pizza with cinnamon

I’m not sure what inspired GOODPIZZA to make a Portuguese tart pizza, but I’m glad they did! With a soft and fluffy texture, it was a delight to eat. I found the taste balanced between both savoury and sweet, thanks to the combination of a pizza base with cinnamon and custard.

Rocky Road – Chocolate ganache, pistachio, white chocolate, waffle crumb, strawberries, vanilla ice cream

This pizza is definitely for the sweet tooth! There’s a lot of decadent ingredients loaded onto this dessert so I’d recommend sharing one between two. The chocolate ganache was my favourite component and far superior than simple Nutella.

One ingredient was missing though to make this a true ‘rocky road’ – marshmallow! Some toasted marshmallows would’ve been a treat!

Coconut Mango – Baked mango and coconut cream custard, Thai basil

Our final dessert was another unique GOODPIZZA creation focused on providing a vegan option. They nailed this so well I didn’t realise it was vegan until I had eaten two slices and read its menu description. Mango and coconut are a refreshing combination that takes you to the tropics. Putting them into a custard has a nice comforting effect, so you really could enjoy this dessert at any time of the year.

GOODPIZZA are forging their own way through the pizza scene and for the most part, I’m on board. These guys have a solid focus on quality ingredients and offer some truly unique creations you won’t find anywhere else.

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)