Char Char is making its way around Sydney in its food truck, bringing burgers and ribs to the people.

Char Char offer the standard weekly burger and shake as well as loaded fries like most burger trucks. However they’ve gained a reputation for their rib game – you can choose either beef or pork that come coated in Char Char’s secret glaze and served with fries.

Double Burger – 2 beef patties, bacon, cheese, hash brown.

I didn’t catch what Char Char’s weekly burger was called, it was just called ‘burger’ on their menu. Regardless, we couldn’t pass on the option to make it a double.

On first bite, the burger hit us with a beef-cheese-carb wombo combo. The beef patties were moist and juicy and dominated the burger ratio which was great. The only downside was that it overshadowed the salty bacon slightly.

The hash brown totally lifted the carb dimension – we actually noticed that Char Char had cut off some of the bun to make way for the crunchy golden goodness.

Overall this was a solid burger and worth the upgrade.

Pork ribs.

And finally, the ribs. As I opened the box, I was greeted by a mouth-watering aroma of sweet and smokey BBQ glaze. The ribs could be pulled apart easily, and the meat fell off the majority of the ribs effortlessly. There were a few ‘tougher’ bites but overall their flavour was excellent as the secret sauce had made its way into the rib meat. This lent a superb BBQ taste that was smokey yet sweet.

The ribs also came with fries, making it a reasonable meal sized option. They were crispy. They were crunchy. An added bonus – the sauce from the ribs made an excellent condiment for the fries. We finished every last one of them.

Char Char have carved out a little point of difference as a food truck combining ribs and burgers. We’ve visited twice and enjoyed our meals both times.

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)