*Thank you Agatha (@thebamboogarden) and the lovely staff of Pappa Rich Liverpool St, for your hospitality and the invitation for this evening. 

Pappa Rich has always been a frequent destination for me, particularly in the Parramatta and Macquarie Park locations. The restaurant just fulfills every homemade Malaysian craving, from their rich laksas, fluffy rotis or the ever amazing fried chicken skin, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

The new store in the city opened just as the nights are beginning to become more and more chilly. There’s nothing like Malaysian food to comfort you. The new restaurant is nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street.


As we sat down, that familiar feeling from the other stores washed over me. iI’s busy and a little loud but comforting and welcoming all the same. Perousing the menu, I went straight to the extensive drink list to pick, out of the 50 odd drinks, which will be mine for the night. The menu overall is colourful and detailed. Armed with the trusty chit to write down all the orders, we were ready to start the evening.

Milo Dinosaur 

I had to go with the Milo Dinosaur; a drink that sits at the heart of Malaysia since the nation holds one of Milo’s largest factories. I love how chocolatey the milk was as soon as the drink arrived, made even better by the pile of delicious and crunchy Milo perched atop of the milk. This drink was total nostalgia of my childhood, just less lumpy.

Pappa’s special Biriyani with Fried Chicken and Beef Rendang 

The biriyani in this dish was certainly a lot sweeter than the Indian variations.
That being said, it was still very fragrant and well flavoured to go along in-between bites of beef rendang and fried chicken.

Personally, I preferred the fried chicken over the rendang as the chicken was well seasoned with a crisp and crunchy exterior. The rendang was comforting with a lovely collection of spices embodying the whole dish.

Mixed Satay 

The mixed satay sounds like a lot in theory but trust me, 6 skewers are definitely not enough.
The dish comes with three chicken and three beef satay sticks, both of which were well seasoned and marinated, accompanied by an absolute killer satay sauce.

The sauce was nutty and spicy with a lovely sweetness to contrast well with the savoury meat. I preferred the chicken skewers as they’re more tender and lighter and soak in the satay sauce extremely well. The beef skewers were also great but we found that the chicken skewers held moisture and flavour much better.

Crispy Egg Noodle 

One of the items on the menu that I haven’t tried before but have been immensely curious of was the crispy egg noodle. As one of our fellow diners has a shellfish allergy, the chef was very accommodating and made our order without prawns.  The dish was reminiscent of a chow mien, with a light sauce and tender chicken mixed throughout. The biggest stand out was the puffed up noodles which went soft when mixed into the sauce, giving you a choice of textures with every bite.

Roti with Curry Chicken

I love the roti at Pappa Rich. I especially love watching the chefs make the delicate pastries through the glass at the restaurant.
When the dish arrived the roti was buttery, flaky and piping hot – perfect for the chilly weather.

I always order roti with the curry chicken. There’s something about the combination that just makes my heart sing. With a side of dhaal and sambal, the three sauces along with a buttery roti were an infusion of spices and comfort.

One of my favourite dishes at Pappa Rich:

Fried Chicken Skin

The fried chicken skin is a must order at every visit to Pappa Rich. The skin was crunchy to absolute perfection and had just the right amount of seasoning. Each bite was crisp and light and accompanied with a sweet chilli sauce. It was a salty sweet delight.
So moreish, it was so hard to just have one.

Banana Fritters with Ice Cream 

After an incredible feast, we couldn’t bring ourselves to have a big banana roti for dessert as we usually get. Instead we opted for a smaller option of banana fritters with ice cream.

The combination of slightly sweet banana and ice cream was beautiful. What I loved was the contrast of hot and cold with the fritters light and crisp exterior next to melting creamy ice cream. A lovely little finish for the whole meal.

Pappa Rich is the home for comfort and overall, no matter which location you visit, always feels like home. I’m incredibly excited to see one open in the heart of the city, close to work so I can try all the other favourites. It was a lovely experience from start to finish and the welcoming and kind staff added to the homely vibe.


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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)


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