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Showcasing their beer and food degustation, Moretti’s is better known for their exquisite and iconic Italian cuisine but for one night, they matched each sensational dish with an accompanying beer.  Moretti was established 1997 in the heart of Sydney’s Little Italy; Leichardt. They boast an impressive selection of awards over the last number of years.


The first choice included an array of items including a marinated octopus, kingfish tartare and a parmesan and rocket salad.

The dish was light in both seasoning and in density. The freshness and light taste of the seafood contrasted nicely with the charred and rich cheese with the salad. Similarly the beer that was paired was both light and palatable with an easy drinking style.

For our second course we were served a dish that was reminiscent of an antipasto platter. 

A salted and moreish cured meat, olives, a sharp crumbly cheese and a dense and crunchy pizza dough. 

The dish was light, however I wish the dough was a little thinner or flatter as I found it certainly outweighed the other toppings that sat beside it. My favourite part of this dish was the cheese. It just cut through all the richness from the cured meat and the olives and was a beautiful creamy delight. 

The accompanying beer was similar to the previous beer, lighter but a touch more malty than expected. 

We were then served some familiar looking dishes for our following course; a traditional margharita and a pepperoni style pizza. the serving size was appropraite to suit the 8 courses that we were having for the evening

I personally preferred the margharita over the pepperoni: nothing tastes better than fresh mozzarella and basil. It’s just a killer combination.

 This dish was served with two versions of the same beer, bottled and from the keg. It was surprising the difference between the beers and the contrasts were amazing. 



Our final savoury course for the evening was a different take to the traditional pizza we all know.
A chicken and brocolli style pizza with topping in the centre of the crusts and a squid ink based base with smoked salmon and ricotta. 

Both were very different and I definitely leaned towards the smoked salmon pizza, it had a nice crispy base and I loved the use of squid ink and smoked salmon – they work together beautifully. 

The fragrant beer that went with dish had a much heavier yeast component and therefore the acidity was much more prominent. Although contrasting, the beer went with different attributes of each part of the dish as it brought life to the salmon as well as contrasting the monotony of the broccoli and chicken combination. 

Finally, a small little plate of desserts to clear our palate; a fruit pizza and a custard profiterole style dessert. 

The fruit pizza was unique as dessert pizzas often are too sweet and over the top with chocolate. This particular pizza was light and refreshing and sat atop a simple dough.
The profiterole style dessert had a lovely topping of custard, and along with the crunchy and puffy pastry it overall made for a decent cleansing dessert. 

I definitely look forward to visiting the restaurant again but it was certainly an interesting experience to sit and learn about all the different dishes and matching drinks in the Moretti Loves Pizza event. 

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)