*Special thanks to Alex from @i.am.strategist for the invite. Thank you also to the kind staff of Echo on the Marina  @echoonthemarina for their service. 

A tranquil little spot just overlooking a secluded beach is a small restaurant that is both peaceful and playful in nature. Down a windy road and a set of secluded stairs, you’d never guess that a little cafe could be found down the bottom near the wharf.

We came into the restaurant one sunny weekend and soaked up the sunshine and the serene views of the water.

The seating is a combination of shaded and unshaded, all of which however was technically outside to make the most of the lovely location that surrounds the restaurant. Although down a semi-intense set of stairs, there is a stair lift available for those who are unable to make their way down. Alternatively, the other way to access the restaurant is by boat, you’re able to moor for a fee presumably, and dine as soon as you dock.

We had a quick look through the menu and found both the breakfast and the lunch menu quite appetizing. As we were there around midday, breakfast was no longer available but the splendid lunch menu had various attractive offerings.

Given the proximity to the water we decided to go for the salt and pepper calamari to start. A very simple dish but we found that a light simple start would be best before we got stuck into our mains.

Garlic, Salt and Pepper Calamari 

The calamari serving was generous, arrived searing hot and absolutely crunchy. The batter that surrounded the calamari was gorgeously flavoured on its own with a garlic and herb like exterior. The calamari within was perfectly cooked and very fresh.

The side salad wasn’t your generic garden salad and certainly wasn’t just there for the presentation. The light radish and mandarin salad contrasted against the rich dish and provided a cleansing palate between bites along with pops of sweetness and freshness from the mandarin.


One of the stars of the dish was the lime aioli that came on the side. The aioli provided a hit of creamy richness whilst the lime provided a contrasting sharp tang. We absolutely couldn’t get enough of this sauce and were so grateful for the generous serving.

The plate left the table cleaned out. A star entree.

We had made our orders for the mains with a side of chips to top everything off. When the chips arrived they were the thicker cut but were crispy and golden just the way we like them. They came unseasoned, which was fine as we were able to add the salt as we liked. A big tick for perfectly cooked chips through and through.

Pan Seared Salmon

The pan seared salmon sat proudly amongst  the broccolini with its crisped brown exterior and melting lemon and herbed garlic butter oozing on top. The salmon was incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked. The flesh was tender and a blushing pink. The herb butter added a kick of flavour and richness amongst the freshness of the fish. Both the brocolini and the mushroom added a relief of texture and earthy flavours to the richness of the protein.

Grain-Fed Scotch Fillet 

We ordered this dish at a medium rare. When it arrived it was a generous serving plated beautifully with the contrasting of greenery and radish. An artwork of plating as it were.

After cutting into the tender cut of meat we were a little dismayed to see that the order was served closer to well done than medium even. Rather than sending the dish back we persisted as it wasn’t a game ender. Regardless of the overcooking, the beef was very tender and had a light viscocity but not lacking any seasoning. The diane sauce was absolutely divine, rich and earthy with a deep mushroom taste throughout. We couldn’t get enough of it and even resorted to dipping the chips in it after the steak had finished.

Aside from the overcooked meat, still a beautiful dish. Similar to the salmon, the brocollini and mushroom provided a relief to the richness of the dish.

Echo on the Marina is a lovely hidden away restaurant at the foot of a windy hill, so secluded you wouldn’t have even known it was there. Almost like your own little secret view of the peaceful water and marina bay, it hosts a menu of a heightened palate. With lovely staff, a gorgeous location and a restaurant quality menu, I definitely would urge to book for breakfast or lunch. It’s certainly Roseville’s best kept secret!

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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)