Thank you @brendonthesmilingchef for your company and infectious smile during this visit!

Penrith has been making its mark on the food scene lately and its latest gem is Burgerhead, a locally owned and grown burger joint that focus on local produce.

We arrived for dinner on a Saturday night and it was a full house! We joined the queue and placed our order.

Within 5 minutes of ordering our food was ready. The team at Burger Head really get this ‘fast food’ business.

Potato & Gravy

This classic has been taken under the wing of Burger Head and nurtured. The mash was buttery and smooth, making for beautiful creamy mouthfuls. The gravy was well seasoned and had a nice consistency that didn’t spill everywhere as we tucked in.

Crispy Bites

Next up were the crispy bites, little bite-sized pieces of fried chicken that were beautifully golden and crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. I especially liked dipping these little morsels into the potato and gravy for the ultimate combo.

Classic Cheeseburger

I ordered Burger Head’s standard cheeseburger to see just how good their basic burger was. After my first bite, I was totally hooked. The beef patty was tender and juicy that was accentuated by a nice slice of cheese. It was topped off with a milk bun that kept a solid meat-to-bun ratio in check.

Classic Cheeseburger with Bacon

Offer the option to add bacon and Jay will do so without fail. Burger Head was no exception to this unwritten rule. The Classic Cheese with bacon was as tasty as it’s un-upgraded version, but with the bonus of salty and crunchy bacon rasher goodness.

The Clucker (Fried chicken burger)

Brendon grabbed The Clucker and graciously let me take a bite. As soon as I did, I immediately noticed how crunchy the fried chicken was. The texture was backed up with juicy chicken, malt pickled onions and a soft milk bun for a serious flavour profile that gave me some Clucker FOMO. I’ll trek it back to Penrith for this burg alone!

Burger Head’s burgs also come with a side of fries and deserve a special shout-out. They were deliciously crunchy and well seasoned with salt – I found them amazing either on their own, stuffed into a burger or dipped in the potato and gravy.

White Choc Three Ways Shake

We couldn’t pass up a chance to have white chocolate threeways so grabbed Burger Head’s signature shake. It contained salted white chocolate, caramelised white chocolate AND roasted white chocolate which made for a damn decadent drink! It’s syrupy-sweetness nicely contrasted our savoury meal – it was almost like having a liquid dessert!

There’s nothing quite like catching up with a good mate over a few burgers and sides. I’m already excited to go back for round two!

Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)


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