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Bare Grill on Bourke is rather similar to its La Perouse cousin on the burger front: amazing creations that make you come back again and again.

However, there are a number of menu items that are unique to the Bourke Street café, namely steaks, ribs and the option to add raclette cheese to any dish you want!

We forced ourselves to look beyond ‘mere’ burgers and tried out their BBQ and raclette menu items.

Grilled zucchini, asparagus and mushrooms with raclette cheese

Kicking off a BBQ binge with some vegetables might sound a little strange, but let’s be honest – we did it for the cheese.

Ordering raclette as an add-on to a dish doesn’t just increase its flavour profile at Bare Grill. The staff take it up a notch by bringing a half wheel of raclette cheese to your table. They then scrape off a generous ‘slice’ of the semi-melted goodness straight onto your dish! Don’t be surprised if people turn around in their seats to get a good view of the action!

The raclette added a sharp, salty element to the smokey charred vegetables. Of course, there’s something really comforting about cheese in general. I also liked that way the vegetables were cooked – the zucchini and asparagus had a nice crunch, and the eggplant was soft without being soggy.

Scotch fillet with Greek salad and fries

Jay opted for a mouth-watering scotch fillet. The steak was charred nicely from the grill, yet still juicy and tender. I found the level of seasoning was nicely balanced. It added flavour without blunting the natural flavours of a quality cut of grilled steak.

Half Rack of pork ribs with fries

I’ll cut to the chase with Bare Grill’s ribs. Hands down, they were some of the best ribs I’ve had in my life.

The generous slathering of marinade was sweet, tangy and smokey – I couldn’t get enough!

The ribs themselves were cooked amazingly – the meat literally fell off the bone like butter. The fat had rendered down nicely, adding further flavour and tenderness to each bite.

Bare Grill on Bourke is a great casual eatery that serves up next level ‘Pub Grub’.  I’ll be back for a full rack of ribs soon!

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Written by Lachlan Munnings (mister_eats)