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Inside a repurposed terrace along Glebe Point road, complete with a vintage vibe, lies Alfie & Hetty. 

Alfie & Hetty boasts two dining spaces on seperate floors, a lounge area for drinks, as well as a semi-private dining room. Each room is tastefully decorated, drawing inspiration from the terraces authentic structure. 

I found myself appreciating the rich history around me, and quickly began to enjoy the ambiance of Alfie & Hetty thanks to low-level lighting and relaxing music. The perfect date night setting.

The restaurant offers three kinds of menu options: a la carte, a seven-course degustation or roasts for two. We chose a la carte for our evening.  

Beef tartare with confit egg yolk, gherkins, capers, twice cooked chips

I fell in love with Alfie & Hetty’s tartare as soon as I tasted it. There was an initial salty smack from the gherkin and capers that was quickly pacified by the subtle yet prominent beef tartare.

Alfie & Hetty also added a little chilli that was noticeable but not dominate. I found it rounded out each mouthful nicely. 

The chips at Alfie & Hetty deserve a special mention – they were amazing! Twice cooked, these chips were crunchy and came seasoned perfectly throughout the whole bowl. I really appreciated this as the rosemary and salt seasoning wasn’t just dusted on as an afterthought on top.

The chips are great on their own, or taken to the next level when combined with the tartare. 

Seared Canadian scallops with cauliflower purée, white truffle and chorizo crumb

Another winning entree was Alfie & Hetty’s seared Canadian scallops. They were cooked to perfection with a lovely caramalisation that contrasted nicely against the salty freshness.

The accompanying cauliflower puree provided a creaminess that I couldnt help but keep returning to and was a fantastic partner of the scallops. Some crunchiness was provided by a beautiful chorizo crumb, and I found myself wanting a touch more to even out its ratio.

Twice cooked pork belly with crispy crackling, celeriac puree, candied pear, seared scallop, currant compote and reduced apple cider vinegar

There were a lot of contending components in this dish on paper, though they all worked well together in practice.

Alfie & Hetty absolutely nailed the pork belly – it was tender and succulent, yet had that satisfying crunch from the crackling.

Each and every element further elevated the pork, from the soft celeriac puree to the sweet-yet-tart apple cider vinegar. The dish also received a semi ‘surf & turf’ treatment as it came with a few scallops!

Eye fillet 250g grilled (Cape Grim) served with truffle mash, pumkin puree, broccolini and homemade celeriac sauce.

Alfie & Hetty have several choice cuts of steak available on their a la carte menu. I couldnt go past the eye fillet, sourced from Cape Grim, Tasmania. I also discovered you can choose a side from Alfie & Hety’s sides, so chose their truffle mash.

As I cut into the steak, I was so happy to see it cooked exactly medium rare as requested. The meat held a firm yet tender texture that was simply divine. It was seasoned just enough to provide flavour without stealing the limelight from the protein.

The sides were pretty decent, especially the pumpkin puree and celeriac sauce. Both provided a nice creamy earthiness that paired superbly with the eye fillet. I found the truffle mash a little on the dry side and sadly lacking in truffle flavour. If given a second chance, I would stick with the eye fillet, but pair it with a different side.

Alfie & Hetty is truly a hidden gem in Glebe. Now only a stone’s throw away from the Light Rail station, its easily accessible from the city. I will be back!


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Written by Lachlan Munnings (@mister_eats)