*Special thanks to Ompty for the invitation to try out Gou Sushi                       

Across the road from Central station is a new little sushi place called “Gou Sushi”.

Although dim, the sushi place evokes intimacy as the sushi chef makes all his creations right in front of you.
I suggest to ignore the sushi train and order off the menu – there is an array of beautiful items on the menu that are absolutely gorgeous and the opportunity to watch the chef create these dishes make for a truly unique experience.

Rather than go through each individual nigiri, I’ll just highlight the stand outs.
Firstly, for the non-wasabi lovers, the chef places wasabi inside the rice of the nigiri, so if you’re not a fan just make sure to mention prior to ordering.

Chefs selection of Nigiri 

The standouts on this plate for me were the beetroot cured salmon with a touch of cream cheese and dill. A very modern combination of flavours that aren’t often associated with Japanese cuisine. The nigiri itself felt quite light and allowed the salmon to shine and contrast against the heavy cream cheese, whilst the beetroot and a touch of dill added fragrance.

My personal favourite on this platter was the prawn nigiri with a touch of garlic butter. The chef had grilled the prawn atop the rice to absolute perfection. The butter had just melted and the prawn had only just turned white with a touch of translucency. Silky and smooth, buttery and rich, 10/10 – will order this again and again.

Tempura Lobster
One of the current specials was the tempura lobster, a huge step up from the regularities of prawn and displayed in a most beautiful way.
The lobster was cut up into generous bite size portions and was served nice and hot.
Each bite was juicy and naturally sweet, the freshness absolutely shining through. The combination was nice by itself but a dash of kewpie elevated the dish with a touch of rich creaminess.

Spicy Karaage 
Karaage, as you may have seen in a number of reviews in the past is a must order for us and was definitely on our list at Gou sushi as well.
The karaage was perfectly cooked and the inside was so juicy. It is however, cooked to order so let it cool to avoid burning your mouth! They arrive searing hot! Combined with moreish kewpie, I can absolutely confirm that the combination was perfect.

White fish Carpaccio 

Although most of the usual favourites are available, Gou Sushi tend to keep the name open for ‘white fish’ as it depends what is in season and freshest.

Today’s carpaccio was made with Trevally, an Australian fish that is sustainable and has a strong but not overpowering flavour.

The thinly sliced sashimi is served with sun dried tomatoes and cucumber.

Apart from the freshness of cucumber, further projecting the freshness of the delicate fish, the sun dried tomatoes almost added a sense of meatiness overall.

A lovely delicate dish

Cold soba with salmon sashimi and onsen egg

This simple bowl of noodles was elevated by the addition of fresh sashimi and a perfectly cooked egg.

Although it took me a while to get used to the cold hit of the noodles, it was quickly replaced with how light and flavoursome the noodles were. There was a light soy dressing that kept the noodles from sticking to each other, and the egg yolk created a colourful mess between bites of sashimi.

Beef tataki 

Finally, a dish I had seen plastered all over Instagram sat proudly in front of us.

Each delicate slice of Wagyu beef folded enticingly in a lovely and pretty manner.

Each bite of the beef exhibited the high quality meat that was used in the process, each slice gently falling apart. A light hint of yuzu paste worked wonderfully with the ponzu dressing that accompanied the dish. The mixtures of citrus along with the iron-rich beef was a wonderful combination.


There are a number of sushi restaurants that definitely hold their place in the city and Gou Sushi is definitely one of them.

The creativity behind the hands of the chef at this restaurant is beyond this world and the utmost respect given to the ingredients is something to be admired.


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Written by Jay Santiago (@eatventures_)